same same but different



i have this (potentially controversial) theory that melbourne is like wellington but on some seriously hefty steroids. the city, the sea, the nightlife and the cafes are all bigger, and (maybe with the exception of the latter) cooler. on my first trip to the city i spent eleven days roaming the streets and laneways with a couple of my buds from home.


one of the things i love most about welly is you're never far from running water. we're a little baby city snuggled right up against a harbour, so it's basically possible to sniff that sea air wherever you are in town. melbourne is the same, but they can (and do) boast rivers as well as ocean. some savvy bars have made the yarra their home and it makes for a sick spot to sit out on the deck in the evening and sip your beverage of choice. in 2015 i was visiting some pals that lived in a suburb of melbourne, so i got treated to a glimpse of all the hip places.

i mean, st. kilda is basically oriental bay on heat (PUN INTENDED)


for me, welly wins.

as much as i liked to play and would love to live in melbourne for a couple of years, i think the smallness of wellington is what makes it so magic. we are tiny. we are hilly and hard to navigate, and we're highly likely to shake you up every now and then. but there is nowhere as naturally ambiguous and fecking amazing as this place. at least that i've found. 

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