film newbie

i know it's the in thing right now for baby bloggers to start shooting on film like wannabe indie photography purists,
but honestly i'm happy to put up with the eye rolls for a few more moments while i settle in on the #35mm bandwagon.

i took these wee gems over summer break while on vacay at my parents place in nelson, and i love the way the relaxed feeling of that trip comes across in the photos. that and my dad's eighties beard and sunnies combo which is enhanced by the suped up saturation. 

my best excuse for not taking more photos is my hefty DSLR, which leaves my shoulder in serious need of a sports massage every time i lug it around for more than a few hours; i know i know, just use your iphone right? nope, i'm too much of a snob to post those candid snaps anywhere but the gram. so this wee film baby seems like a great (if conveniently 'on trend') compromise. sweet snaps that are semi rough quality on purpose... revolutionary! it's only now i'm writing this down that i'm realising quite how ridiculous i am. cool. good one katy.

i'm currently waiting for my next roll to be developed, so expect to see some more film-play on here in the next few weeks.

Katy Elgar