southern adventure


it's a funny thing to revisit the places you trecked as an unwilling kid, again as an enthusiastic (supposed) adult. the same environments and situations that used to encourage eye rolls and prolonged sulks are now full of wonder and excitement.

i guess as a kid you have a predisposition to grudgingly go along with your parents wild plans instead of embarking on their epic adventures with an attitude to match their aching enthusiasm. something about being told you're going on a four day tramping excursion somehow takes the spontaneity and mystery out of it. obviously it was impossible to grumble for too long on this particular trip; what kid isn't thrilled by endless forest and unimaginably clear sea?! 

so here's to you,
mum + dad. for forcing four whingey kids out of their comfort zones and into the wild. while i remember being hungry, wet and sore for the majority of our south island excursion, i can't seem to shake the memory of constant wonder at our leafy, creature-y surroundings.